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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Lincoln Crashes Following Last Weekend's Winter Storm

Last weekend's winter storm posed a challenge to many Lincoln, Nebraska, drivers. There were a total of 151 crashes reported to the Lincoln Police Department as of February 2, 2015. The actual number is likely a lot more. Unfortunately, there was one fatal crash involving two semitrailer trucks. More snow is predicted for Lincoln this evening and tomorrow with a lot of roadways still ice and snow covered.


According to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Lincoln Weather and Climate site, the weather in Lincoln for the past three days has been:
  • January 31, 2015 (Saturday)
    • Snow Total: 3.0 inches
    • High Temperature: 39°
    • Low Temperature: 32°
  • February 1, 2015 (Sunday)
    • Snow Total: 4.9 inches
    • High Temperature: 32°
    • Low Temperature: 3°
  • February 2, 2015 (Monday)
    • High Temperature: 19°
    • Low Temperature: -7°
This information is based on data taken by the UNL weather instruments. Temperatures and snow fall amounts could be different in other areas of Lincoln.

Source: University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Lincoln Weather and Climate:


The Lincoln Police Department received the following number of reports about vehicle crashes:
  • January 31: 43
  • February 1: 53
  • February 2: 55
It is not clear how many of these crashes are attributable to the weather or roadway conditions.

Source: Lincoln Police Department: Daily Call Summary  (Summaries for January 31, 2015 - February 2, 2015)


Lapin Law Offices has blogged about winter driving safety on our website blog:


With the potential for more snow and cold weather tonight and tomorrow, drivers are urged to stay home if possible. If you have to drive, do so very carefully and safely.

Blog Post: Lincoln Crashes Following Last Weekend's Winter Storm