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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Going Beyond No Texting and Driving: Huron, South Dakota

By: Jeffrey LapinCities and states have or are considering laws beyond just no texting and driving. One city, Huro ...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

AMEX Changing the Rules: Arbitration Instead of Court

By: Jeffrey LapinAt least since October 2012, American Express ("AMEX") has changed its Cardmember Agreement to pe ...

Monday, January 21, 2013

The 10 Big Reasons to Call Lapin Law Offices

By: Jeffrey LapinIf you have been injured, abused or harassed here are 10 reasons why you should call Lapin Law ...

Friday, January 18, 2013

Law, News and Information - January 18, 2013

By: +Jeffrey Lapin

Law, legal information, news and other information for the week ending January 18, 2013 (click on the link below for the full story/ article):

Ø A Lawyer’s Amazingly Detailed Analysis of Bilbo’s Contract in The Hobbit  

(By: James Daily, via Wired)

First, it seems fairly clear (to me, anyway) that Tolkien wrote the Shire (where hobbits live) as a close analog to pastoral England, with its similar legal and political structures. For example, the Shire has a mayor and sheriffs, and there is a system of inheritance similar to the common law. The common law fundamentals of contract law have not changed significantly since the time that the Shire is meant to evoke, so it makes sense that the contract would be broadly similar to a modern contract (and likewise that we could apply modern contract law to it) . . . 
While he was already facing charges of operating a motor vehicle without a license, a Watertown man got himself into even deeper trouble when he allegedly tried to pay his court fees with counterfeit bills, police said . . .

Ø NHTSA Announces More Than 17.8 Million Products Recalled in 2012 

(Via: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA))

The U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) today announced that manufacturers filed more than 650 safety recalls, affecting over 17.8 million vehicles, child seats and vehicle equipment, during calendar year 2012. The nation's top auto regulatory agency played a significant role by itself influencing the recall of more than 9 million vehicles and 60,000 items of vehicle equipment, including tires and child safety seats, in 2012 . . . 
  1. You can delete your tweets, but they’re not going away
  2. The story continues, and anyone can participate
  3. Be careful with online relationships
  4. Deadspin’s Triumph
  5. And, of course, a meme

Ø New rules, fewer runarounds for mortgage borrowers

(Via: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB))

The CFPB's two new rules, which become effective January 10, 2014, regarding mortgages, which apply to mortgage servicers to help protect consumers:

  • Periodic billing statements.
  • Interest-rate adjustment notices for ARMs.
  • Prompt payment crediting and payoff statements. 
  • Force-placed insurance.
  • Error resolution and information requests.
  • General servicing policies, procedures, and requirements.
  • Early intervention with delinquent borrowers. 
  • Continuity of contact with delinquent borrowers.
  • Loss mitigation procedures
A detailed summary of the rules: CFPB's Detailed summary of the rules

Ø Arkansas mom dies after 911 call not entered into system, son in critical condition 

(Via: Fox News)

An Arkansas 911 operator did not enter a call into a computer system that would have notified police and fire dispatchers of a mother and son trapped inside a vehicle in a pond, authorities said Wednesday. The woman died hours later, and her 5-year-old son was in critical condition Wednesday, police said. . . . 
Toyota Motor Corp. has settled what was to be the first in a group of hundreds of pending wrongful death and injury lawsuits involving sudden, unintended acceleration by Toyota vehicles, a company spokesman said Thursday . . .


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Friday, January 11, 2013

Nebraska Senator Offers Bill to Protect Employee's Online Privacy

By: +Jeffrey Lapin

Sen. Tyson Larson of O'Neill introduced LB58, the Workplace Privacy Act, before the Nebraska Legislature on Thursday (January 10, 2013), which would prohibit employers from gaining access to employee's social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and similar sites. 

LB58 - The Workplace Privacy Act

The Act would make it illegal for an employer or potential employer to require, or even request, that an employee or potential employee provide his or her user name, password or other account information to any "social networking site," such as Facebook or Twitter. In addition, an employer could not make an employee log onto a social media site in the employer's presence, or access it indirectly through another person or contact. Finally, the employer cannot  retaliate or discriminate if an employee does not provide their social networking site information.

There are some exceptions to these prohibitions including: if the online account is created by the employer; and if done on an electronic devices (computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.) paid in part or in full by the employer; and for information in the "public domain."

The proposed Act would permit people whose rights have been violated to sue the employer or potential employer and recover actual damages, attorney's fees and costs.

The language of the bill is available here on the Nebraska Legislature's website: LB 58

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

NHTSA Wants Hybrid and Electric Vehicles To Get Louder

By: Jeffrey LapinThe U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) ...

Friday, January 4, 2013

Dangers Of Posting On Social Media

According to the Daily Astorian a Facebook post by a young man after allegedly driving drunk and striking some parked cars got him arrested after a couple of his friends reported the post to police. (Facebook post lands Astoria man in jail). The post was allegedly: “Drivin drunk ... classsic ;) but to whoever's vehicle i hit i am sorry. :P”

Ignoring the issue about whether it was proper to use the man's name, which is being debated on other sites about this incident, and that the driver allegedly was drinking while intoxicated and left the scene of an accident, which are always wrong, this case should be a lesson to everyone about the possible consequences of what you post on social media. 

Everyone using social media should remember: 
  • The internet/ social media is written in “ink” and not pencil- it is almost impossible to erase; 
  • Be very careful what you post and to who as, at least online, you can't trust the friends of friends and maybe not even your Facebook “friends”; and
  • Don’t text/post while drunk or under the influence.


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